NV electronica

NV Electronica

Electrifying the cello

Dropping Beats and plugging in the cello

NV is the brainchild of Cellist Natalie Mai Hall (Macklemore & Ryan LEwis, Intisaar) and Artist Vincent Bachmann. The band creates a fully immersive live electronica Experience by combining Hall's wild cello playing with Bachmann's electronic expertise and visual artistry. The Duo got their start opening the 2018 Downstream music festival. 


THE BIO OF An Unconventional Cellist:

Natalie Mai Hall is an improvisational cellist in Seattle. After studying Cello performance at the university of washington she toured as the cellist for Macklemore & Ryan Lewis on 'The Heist' tour along with recording on their Grammy winning album. She was the principal cellist of Seattle Rock Orchestra (2011-2017). She toured with Noah Gundersen and Denison Witmer, has performed with Michael Buble, Allen Stone, Disturbed, The Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Andrea Bocelli, and worked with local artists including Kris Orlowski, All Star Opera, OK Sweetheart, Camila Recchio, Ray Dalton, Ivan & Alyosha, Grand Hallway, the Passenger String Quartet, Naomi Wachira, the Nick Foster Band, V. Contreras, the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber Orchestra. Natalie is known for her hard hitting cello lines in Intisaar, comprised of Tess Jubran and Burke Thomas (Vendetta Red and Loaded). Her affected Cello lines Spanned shredding solos, counter-melodies, bass lines, and ambient noise. She is the cowriter oF their Acclaimed album: 'Borrowed Ground.' 

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